Easy Online Booking

Convenient online reservations for daycare, boarding, grooming, and Training. Register on our Pup Portal to schedule your reservations and view our webcams. All dogs will require an evaluation before attending daycare or boarding.


Here at The Confident Canine, we offer a safe and healthy play environment that enriches spirit, increases social skills, builds confidence, and offers hours of exercise and stimulation.

What To Expect...

The Confident Canine offers a supervised environment, where dogs can interact and play throughout the day safely while you’re away from home.

Dogs are separated into groups based on play styles, activity levels and size. One of the most important factors affecting your dog’s socialization is the frequency of positive social interactions with other canines and humans.

Our daycare program is always fun, but we also reinforce positive behaviors while ignoring the less desirable ones.Throughout the day we won’t encourage jumping on staff, we will work on proper door etiquette and of course recall (coming when called). Learning these behaviors with positive methods create a more structured and fun playgroup. View your pup live and in action through our Pup Portal webcams!


It is important to us that you enjoy training your dog as much as your dog enjoys learning new behaviors…. or unlearning the bad behaviors!

What To Expect...

The Confident Canine offers a variety of group classes, as well as private classes.

Our trainers are all certified with a proven record of success. We use scientifically proven positive methods in our training sessions.

You can book Stay and Train sessions for your dog while lodging with us or Play and Train sessions when your dog is in our daycare program.


Dog pampering

Keep your dog looking his or her best!

What To Expect...

Schedule a bath, a nail trimming, have your dogs’ teeth brushed or ears cleaned with one of our loving and trained staff.

Need a little more pampering?

Schedule an appointment with our certified groomer for a complete spa treatment. Your pooch will leave looking and smelling amazing!

Lodging Accommodations

The Confident Canine suites are designed for the comfort of your dog.

Each dog is unique, so we offer an array of accommodations to ensure your dog is comfortable.

Spacious suites are available while your dog stays with us.  We also offer crates sized to your dog for a more cozy stay.

What To Expect...

Each suite and crate is part of the daily housekeeping service, and all dorms are steam cleaned and sanitized.

The best staff in the pet care industry will monitor your dogs food intake, eliminations and mood throughout their stay.

Every day your dog will receive a wellness check to monitor their health, by one of our vet techs on site.

After breakfast each morning your dog will be assigned to their designated play group for a day of fun and games.

We strive to keep our guests as comfortable as possible. Our facility is always climate controlled, with relaxing music played throughout.

We encourage you to bring your dog’s own food with each meal pre-bagged in individual servings.

We also carry our own in-house high quality pet food for your convenience.

Book the extras while your dog stays with us – gourmet stuffed Kongs, grooming or an exit bath, extra cuddle time, and Stay and Train programs.